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Post by Allie on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:42 pm

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Camp Paradise

Your at home bored. You just got back from your last day of school and your watching a boring old T.V show. Your parent goes out and gets the mail. They call you and you open the letter. You pull out a brosure and a check. The check is to pay for the trip on the airplace, which it heads to Camp Paradise!! A whoole island is dedicated to this camp. Making it HUGE! When you get there. You meet new friends, enemies, crushes.
At Camp Paradise
• Well the ocean of course
• A HUGE mall
• An Amusment Park
• Movie theaters
• Shops and Resteraunts
• Cabins that are big
• A forest
• A tram and other transportation
•And Much More for you to explore!

• W11 Rules Apply
• Keep Violence and Romance PG and G
• You May have as many characters as you like
• Use (( [[ {{ When Not Rping
• Wait to be approved
• No Fantasy things


My Forms:
Name: Allie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Details: Is Kylee's twin, single nice fun, rich, never had a boyfriend before or her first kiss. She wants to find the perfect guy
Pic/Discription: Camp Paradise-A Human RP 311m7vb

Name: Kylee
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Details: Is Allies twin, She has been cheated on and doesnt belive in dating anymore, she only came for the fun and to support her sister. Rich, Nice, Kind of depressed
Pic/Discription: Camp Paradise-A Human RP Es6u69

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